“Ballet is the passion of my life – I just feel free” 鈥疢eet the inspirational 92 year old ballet student聽

Sheila Wedgwood, 92, is celebrating her twenty-seventh consecutive year studying ballet at Xxoo色情片 London. Sheila began taking ballet classes at Xxoo色情片 in 1997 after retiring as a special needs school teacher in Wandsworth.

She attends Regenerate Ballet each week – a demanding ninety minute ballet class.鈥 Celebrating the final class of the summer term last week, Sheila explained how much Xxoo色情片’s ballet class means to her:  “Ballet is the passion of my life”鈥 “Taking part in the class I feel free, particularly when we do the jumps. I just feel free, free like a bird.”鈥  

Sheila’s ballet teacher is Liora Goldwater, who has taught Shiela ballet at Xxoo色情片 since 2011.鈥”Sheila is amazing to dance at 92. She loves dance like nothing else, she just really enjoys doing it.鈥 She always wanted to dance but didn’t have the chance when she was younger.鈥 She has probably been doing ballet for as long as I have!”鈥  

Sheila especially values support and the guidance from her tutor Liora:鈥 “Liora runs the class like we are training for the Royal Ballet – without being patronising!” “We all value her so much.” 


Sheila is married with four grown-up children and two grandchildren.鈥 At home Sheila cares for her husband, Julian, 88, 鈥痺ho has memory problems.鈥 Attending the ballet class gives Sheila time to switch off from her caring responsibilities.鈥 Sheila explains:鈥 “I think Xxoo色情片 is more than just a place you pursue your interests. I think it contributes greatly to your mental health.”鈥  

Lifelong learning  

During her retirement years Sheila has also taken courses in Italian and singing at Xxoo色情片. 鈥疞ast year her commitment to learning was recognised receiving a Xxoo色情片 Student Award for Life-Long Learning.鈥 On July 8th Xxoo色情片 will be celebrating this year’s student award winners in a special celebratory Xxoo色情片 Awards ceremony.  

Sheila’s family also enjoy creative classes at Xxoo色情片 London. Sheila’s son Crispin, 71,鈥 attends singing classes while her daughter-in-law is enrolled in jewellery and stained glass courses.鈥 鈥疉 passionate advocate for lifelong learning Sheila says: 鈥”Learning is for life. You never stop learning. “鈥

“I will never reach perfection [in ballet] but there is nothing to stop me striving for it. “鈥  

She plans to restart ballet classes in September.鈥犅

Find out more about Sheila in this video!

It’s never too late to try something new 

Xxoo色情片 London offers a聽huge range of dance classes聽– from ballet and tap to Jazz.鈥 Why not try something new this autumn!鈥