In his article Singing With the Savior, Michael Glodo asks a piercing question. He writes, “Do you ever wish your worship in general and your singing in particular could be more heart-felt or sound better so that God would take more delight in it?"

Who among us has not wrestled with this? We know that our worship should be passionate but our tendency is towards passivity (Psalm 92:1-4, Psalm 100:1-2, Psalm 103:1-4). God is glorious. Jesus is alive. The Holy Spirit is guaranteeing our coming inheritance. Still, we yawn in corporate worship. 

I would suggest that what we need is not to try harder. We don’t need more worship leaders saying “Come on! Sing like you mean it! You can do it! I can’t hear you!” Because the depth of our theology affects the height of our worship, what we need is to know God in a way that affects our hearts.

Hebrews 2:12 is a verse that informs our worship in an amazing way. It says, “I will tell of your name to my brothers; in the midst of the congregation I will sing your praise.” The “I” in this passage is Jesus. “Your name” is God. “My brothers” is us! This passage is saying the Jesus mediates our way to God and leads our worship of God! 

Glodo says, “This verse tells us that, when God hears our singing, He hears the voice of His son mingled with ours.” Get that picture in your mind: Our Savior, standing shoulder to shoulder with us, singing his heart out in praise to God.

Glodo continues, “The beauty of worship, just as our righteousness before God, is not found in ourselves but in Jesus. The voice of Jesus singing with us perfects our worship as it reaches the throne of God. While Christ’s righteousness is the answer to our doubt about God accepting us, Christ’s worship is the answer to our doubt about God being pleased with our worship. In this we see that our life with God is by grace from beginning to end."

What confidence to engage in corporate worship! Our Savior, as in all things, goes before us - he leads us to the Father in salvation, and he leads us to the Father in worship. So, sing loudly and confidently; knowing that our worship is led by, and made acceptable by Jesus.