One of the most important spiritual disciplines in the Christian life is Bible reading. In 2018, let me encourage you to resolve to read the entire Bible. You may not understand everything you read. You may need to jump around a bit to keep from getting bogged down in months of Major Prophets. That's ok. Just read and keep reading. As you read, pray that God would give you eyes to see the glory of God in the face of Christ through the reading of his Word.

J.C. Ryle once wrote:

Do not think you are getting no good from the Bible, merely because you do not see that good day by day. The greatest effects are by no means those which make the most noise, and are most easily observed. The greatest effects are often silent, quiet, and hard to detect at the time they are being produced.

Think of the influence of the moon upon the earth, and of the air upon the human lungs. Remember how silently the dew falls, and how imperceptibly the grass grows. There may be far more doing than you think in your soul by your Bible-reading. (J. C. Ryle, Practical Religion, 136)

There are countless Bible reading plans and all with their advantages. I've used the Bible Reading Chart for the past six years and have loved it. Read 3-5 chapters a day and you'll finish by the end of the year. Remember: the point is not simply to finish, but to read and encounter God.