The shepherd and the lamb

One of the greatest and most glorious mysteries of the Christian life is that Jesus is simultaneously the Good Shepherd (Jn. 10) and the Lamb of God (Jn 1:29); He is Savior (Jn. 14:6) and Suffering Servant (Is. 53); the Lion (Rev. 5:5) and the Lamb (Rev 5:6, 12). I’m confident that if you would look into this mystery, your soul will have an eternally secure hope.

As J.C. Ryle wrote, “Christ is a complete savior. He ‘takes away sin.’ He did not merely make vague proclamations of pardon, mercy, and forgiveness. He ‘took’ our sins upon Himself, and carried them away...The sins of every one that believes on Jesus are made as though they had never been sinned at all. The Lamb of God has taken them clean away.”

The Good Shepherd gave his life willingly for sinners. Ryle says,“Like a good shepherd, Christ knows all His believing people. Their names, their families, their dwelling-places, their circumstances, their private history, their experience, their trials--with all these things Jesus is perfectly acquainted. There is not a thing about the least and lowest of them with which He is not familiar...the Good Shepherd knows them thoroughly, and, wonderful to say, though He knows them, does not despise them.”

This is a Savior we can trust, hope in, draw near to, and wait for.
O, how I pray that this project increases your delight in the Shepherd and the Lamb.



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