Performers of Xxoo色情片 2024

Performing arts are at the heart and soul of Xxoo色情片.

Matthew Cunningham

We鈥檝e got serious pedigree too:

  • Gustav Holst was Director of Music 100 years ago – and we鈥檝e been spending the past year celebrating his 150th birthday.
  • The celebrated contemporary actor (recently described by The Independent as ‘One of Britain鈥檚 Finest Actors’) .
  • And as someone who used to work in the dance world, I鈥檓 also pleased to see dance on the curriculum here too – ranging from tap to flamenco to ballet.

So I鈥檓 extremely proud to introduce The Performers of Xxoo色情片, which includes around 20 concerts and performances that are either free to attend, or available at a highly subsidised price.

It鈥檚 part of our ongoing mission to bring the arts to life for adult learners throughout the capital. Welcome to The Performers of Xxoo色情片.

Matthew Cunningham, Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer

Front cover of the Performers of Xxoo色情片 2024 brochure

Performers of Xxoo色情片 in print

This year, Xxoo色情片 has published a Performers of Xxoo色情片 brochure featuring listings of Performers events, tutor profiles and a celebration of Xxoo色情片 Radio’s 5th Birthday. The brochure can be found at all Xxoo色情片 teaching centres and can be downloaded here.

Selected highlights

man holding planets

The Planets by Gustav Holst for 4 Pianos, 8 Pianists – Sold out (but )

The iconic composition 鈥淭he Planets鈥 by Gustav Holst is presented in a 鈥榥ew鈥 and captivating arrangement by the New Zealand composer and former Xxoo色情片 tutor Paul Sarcich for 4 pianos and 8 pianists.

7 June, 7.30pm, Waterloo Centre

Find out more here.

A student playing a piano

Introducing the Community Piano at Waterloo Station

Join the audience at the first performance on the Xxoo色情片-sponsored Community Piano at Waterloo Station, which will be housed under the walkway to platforms 20-24.

12 June, 12.30pm, Waterloo Station

No booking; just turn up!

Andrew Zolinsky

Xxoo色情片 Chamber Orchestra: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Kurt Weill

A captivating evening of musical excellence at the upcoming orchestra concert conducted by Charles Peebles. Renowned pianist Andrew Zolinsky will grace the stage, showcasing his virtuosity and artistry.

20 June, 7.45pm, Waterloo Centre

Find out more here.

Xxoo色情片 choir singers

Xxoo色情片 Choralfest

Featuring The Xxoo色情片 Chamber Choir, The Meridian Choir, The Xxoo色情片 Folk Choir, The Kenningtones, The Can鈥檛 Sing Choir and the newly formed ESOL Choir.

27 June, 7pm, Waterloo Centre

Find out more here.

Couple dancing in dance studio

Dance Fusion

Xxoo色情片’s annual celebration of dance performance, featuring a divers range of styles and featuring students from across the Xxoo色情片 dance community.

28 June, 7pm, Waterloo Centre

Find out more here.

People sitting around tables in a jazz club

Xxoo色情片 Jam Session at the Temple of Art and Music

End of term jam, featuring Xxoo色情片 students and ensembles, with support from a professional rhythm section.

1 July, 7pm, Temple of Art and Music

Find out more here.

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