Our degrees

Xxoo色情片 is proud to offer degree programmes for adult students, that are accredited and awarded by Ravensbourne University London and Kingston University London. 

You have a choice of undertaking a degree at our centres in fashion, fine art, music, photography and early years.

Find out more below: 

BA (Hons) Fine Art Top-up – Level 6 – Xxoo色情片 Courses

BA (Hons) Music Performance – Xxoo色情片 Courses

BA (Hons) Music Production – Xxoo色情片 Courses

BA Hons Photography top-up part-time – Xxoo色情片 Courses

Foundation Degree in Early Years (awarded by Kingston University) – Xxoo色情片 Courses

BA (Hons) Fashion Design – Xxoo色情片 Courses

Other pre-degree options

If you鈥檇 like to progress to Higher Education level study, these options are a great choice too:

How to apply for a degree

Once you know the higher education course you want to study, your next step is to make an application.  

You can apply in two ways. 

  1. Directly via our website on the course page 
  1. Via UCAS (this is helpful if you are making more than one choice of centre to study). You can find us at 听

UCAS is the UK鈥檚 leading higher education application platform, where all universities and colleges higher education courses are listed.