What is higher education

What do we mean by higher education

When we talk about higher education, we are referring to all courses at Level 4 and above that progress up to Level 8. These can be studied at colleges and universities. 

Higher education qualifications include:

  • Bachelor鈥檚 degrees, either Bachelor of Arts 鈥 BA or Bachelor of Science 鈥 BSc
  • Foundation degrees, either Foundation Arts 鈥 FdA or Foundation Science 鈥 FdSc
  • Master鈥檚 degrees
  • Higher National Certificate 鈥 HNC
  • Higher National Diploma 鈥 HND
  • Higher Apprenticeships
  • Higher Technical Qualifications

When studying a higher education qualification at college or university, you gain a鈥痟igher level of knowledge and skills in a particular subject, which is different to studying a GCSEs or A Levels.  

Higher education qualifications can open more doors for you in terms of鈥痚mployment because many careers now require applicants to hold a higher education鈥痲ualification, for example, to work as a nurse, police officer or teacher. 

On average, those who successfully complete a鈥痟igher education qualification earn more than those who don鈥檛 over their鈥痩ifetime.鈥